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Sandford spelling variations in Lancashire before 1700


One of the problems facing those tracing their family tree is that language and spelling has evolved over the centuries. In modern times we have a great deal of standardisation provided through education and since the widespread production and use of dictionaries. This variation and evolution applies not just to the general language, but also to proper names whether of places of persons

Spelling Substitution Tables for the United States and Canada

The surname Royall and its variants

"My research of the surname ROYALL began in Norfolk the county in which my family has its roots. I quickly realised that in the earlier registers the spelling RYAL(L) was as common as ROYAL(L). It was not long before I discovered other variant spellings of the name, not only in Norfolk, but elsewhere in the country."

(see also and interesting article on the duties of the parish clerks of London

Spellings around Manchester

Chester wills


Manchester Cathedral P005461

Sandford 1653-1664 5
Sandiford1652-1666 7
Sandyforth 1594-1597 3
Sandyforthe 1583-1605 17
Soondieforth 1621-1645 11
Soondieforthe 1621-1642 29
Soondiforth 1618-1642 5
Sondyforthe 1593-1602 2
Sondeyforthe 1583 1
Sonndeforth 1606-1608 2
Sundiforth 1660 1
Soondiefforthe 1633 1
Soondiefoarth 1622 1
Sundiford 1647-1663 4
Sowndiforthe1618 1
Sandiforthe 1586-1591 2
Soondiforthe 1620-1637 10
Soundiforth 1618 4

sandeford 0
sandforde 0
sandyford 0
sandifer 0
sandifur 0
sandiver 0
sandever 0
sowndeforth 0
sonndeforthe 0
sondiforth 0
soundiforthe 0
soundyforthe 0

Middleton P00761

Sandiford 1601
Sandyford 1641
Soundiforth 1653-1665