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Notes on a Search for the Descent of William Arthur Cecil Sandford-Thompson

Author of the manuscript: the Sandfords of Westmorland








William Arthur Cecil Sandford

Written 1924, corrected and retyped 1950

Notes on the author's family and connections to the Sandford family tree:

20 Aug 1879 marriage William James S Thompson, JP for Forfar, to Alice Mary C Freeman dau Rev Arthur Childe-Freeman of Edwin Ralph see

E5. Alice Mary Childe-Freeman, * 1857, +, Md. 1879, William James Sandford-Thompson, of Montrose.


THOMPSON (L.O., 20 Jan. 1902). Argent, a fesse between two falcons sable, belled and jessed proper, in chief and in base a boar's head erased of the second. Mantling sable, doubled argent. Crest— On a wreath of his liveries, an arm embowed in armour gules, holding in the gauntlet or, the truncheon of a broken lance roper.
Motto— -"Dum spiro spero." Livery — Light drab, black facings.

Son of James Thompson of Appleby, Westmorland, b. 1820; d. 1861; m. 1841, Agnes, eld. d. and coh. of William Sandford of Askham, co. Westmorland : —
William James Sandford - Thompson, Esq., J. P. co. Kincardine, b. 7 Oct. 1843 ; m. 20 Aug. 1879, Alice Mary, eld. d. of Rev. Arthur Childe-Freeman of Gaines, co.
Hereford, Rector of Edwyn Ralph, Herefordsh. [impales quarterly, i and 4, Childe ; 2 and 3, Baldwyn] ; and has issue —

(i) William Arthur Cecil Sandford 'Thompson, Gentleman, b. 29 Oct. 1880;

(2) Lionel Edwyn Baldwyn Sandford Thompson, Gentleman, b. 18 Feb. 1884;

(3) Reginald Keith Garioch Sandford Thompson, Gentleman, b. 26 May 1889 ;

Daisy Gwendoline Mary ; and Kathleen Muriel.

Res. — The Villa, Montrose, N.B. ; Balmanno House, Marykirk, Kincardinshire, N.B.

Birth Kensington Q4 1880 : William Arthur C Sandford-Thompson

resigned commision as 2nd lieut Royal Engineers Times 13 may 1911

William J Sandford-Thompson died 11 March 1914 age 70 Kensington ie born c 1844

10 apr 1918 marriage w a Cecil Sandford-Thompson to Olive Muriel Faulder, widow announced times 10 apr 1918

duaghter born 10 aug 1919 to wife of Major W A Cecil Sandford-Thompson late royal airforce of 4 Cambridge Place kensington -- Times 15 Aug 1919

Youngest brother? Reginald married to Helen Heard 10 june 1920, Times 20 june 1920

Death of Alice Mary (widow of William James Sandford-Thompson 30 march 1931 age 74

Unity Ruth Sanford-thompson Only daughter of Engineer-Commander W A C Sandford Thompson RN and Mrs sandford of 8 Roland gardens SW7 enaged Times 19 jul 1940 marriage took place 9 april 1941 - Times 12 april 1941

William Arthur Cecil Sandford-Thompson, Esq., Maj. late R.A.F. [Arms as above, and impaling the arms of Studd, namely : — Gules, a lion rampant between three
crescents argent, on a chief embattled of the last, a tilting- spear in fesse the head to the sinister, the staff encircled with a chaplet of oak all proper], b. 1880 ; m. 191 8, Olive Muriel, eld. d. of the late Alnod Ernest Studd, of Grey- lands, Melton, Suffolk ; High Ho, Kenton, Devon ; and 3 Fourth Avenue, Hove, Lieut, late 15th Hussars, and widow of Henry Siddons Faulder, of 101 Eaton Terrace, S.W, ; and has issue — Unity Ruth. Res. — 33 De Vere Gardens, Kensington, W.8. Club — Bachelors'.

London Gazette 15 september 1914 :
The undermentioned Gentlemen have been appointed for temporary service in His Majesty's Fleet: — To be Engineer-Lieutenants. William Arthur Cecil Sandford-T'hompson.

RNAS record at Kew Item reference ADM 273/1/106

Notes and Queries 1922 s12-XI: 31; doi:10.1093/nq/s12-XI.221.31
Sandford, W. A. C. 'Medieval clerical celibacy in England'. Genealogists' Magazine, 12:11-12 (1957), 371-5, 401-3.

Sandford-Thompson, W. A. C. 'A side-light on customary tenure in the seventeenth century'. Genealogists' Magazine, 5 (1929). ISSN 00166391.

Place index: Westmorland
Period covered: 1600 - 1700
Other subject information: Court of Chancery, Anne Countess of Pembroke, Tenants, Westmorland

Transcibed various church registers including Wrockwardine. -- 1907

WACS's father is shown on page 245 of the Sandfords of Westmorland manuscript - in the chapter Sandfords of Helton in the bottom right of this tree is a William son of Agnes Sandford (1813-1883) who married James Thompson in 1843. ***NOTE I cant at present identify a living line of Sandford descendants for the Helton branch for Y-DNA testing.

WAC Sandford (he dropped the -Thompson later in life) corresponded with Arthur Wellesley Sandford in 1838 about the family history at that time WACS was at 8 Roland Grandens, London. Later in 1950 (now living at 44 Onslow Gardens SW7) he corresponded with Arthur's son Christopher, owner of the Golden Cockerel Press. it appears to have been decided that publication was not appropriate, so 5 typed copies of the manuscript were prepared by a Secratrial Service in February 1950. His orginal mauscript and research notes were deposited at the Soc gen, where they seem to be still listed in the catalog - I will go and read them.

Mary Carbery (wife of Arthur Wellseley Sandford) wrote to John Hamilton Sandford
(Eye Manor, Leominster, Dec 18 1941)
We have traced these Cumberland people to Galway, where Beach(sic) Sandford, Yr Grt Gr?father lived but so far can't prove the connection.
An old Mr Sandford whom we met in Scotland knew all about the descent, and it is said on his death his widow sent all the papers to Rodington, and your fatherdid not keep them, but I can't vouch for that. It doesn't sound likely to me. After the war - please God - you must talk to Christopher (tis is his address) and he will tell you what he knows.

Question: Was the old Mr Sandford of Scotland WAC Sandford-thompson's father, William James Sandford Thompson? He would have been the right age (born 1844) for Mary Carbery to call him an old Mr Sandford. The information he knew about his mother's Sandford heritage would also have started their son WACS-T on his Sandford quest.

Research in progress by Michael Sandford 21 August 2009 updated 26 July 2012